Electronic Safety In An Unsafe World!

Let’s face it; the world we live in today has become complex, costly and unsafe. If you are like I am you find that the everyday stress we face is enough to age you before its time. The last thing I want to think about is that someone might be breaking into my home putting my family in danger or taking some of the valuable things it has taken me so long to acquire. What can I do? Obviously door locks are a positive solution to a situation like this.

Electronic Locks

I live in a normal home and when the house was built the usual dead bolt was installed to prevent unlawful entry. Well in today’s world that just isn’t enough. Thank goodness that modern technology is keeping pace with an ever increasing crime rate. I seriously began thinking about this problem when several of my neighbors experienced break-ins during daylight hours.

I live in a bedroom community where the majority of people commute into town leaving their homes alone throughout the day and this is the ideal scenario for the common thief who views this situation as perfect to perpetrate his crimes.

So what have the tech wizards come up with to deal with this problem? It seems that Electronic Locks are one answer. Fortunately there exist a variety of the electronic locks from many different fabricators available on the market today to help the homeowner make his house or apartment safer from unwanted intruders.

These locks come in a variety of designs and configurations as well as prices from many different manufacturers. Some of these companies offer everything from electromagnetic locks, key pad entry systems, fingerprint locks to audio and video entry door systems. So apparently there is a great range of choices to be had by today’s consumer.

What do I as a consumer have to ask myself when purchasing these locks? An obvious consideration is the amount I need to buy which means I have to account for the different entry points into my home. The next thing I have to think about is how high tech do I want to go? Here is where the consumer’s pocket book comes into play. You have to ask yourself how important is my family’s safety and how much do I want to safeguard my valuables? Do the costs compensate for these factors?

Another thing you must think about is that these are no ordinary contraptions which you can install yourself over a weekend. They will surely require the skills of a technician who can first install them and later teach you how to use them. One drawback I see with these locks apart from having to learn how to program them is, what do I do when the power goes out? Do I have to wait countless hours for the lights to come back on or is there a backup system that will permit me to get in or out whenever this occurs. My advice to you as a consumer is to research this thoroughly, make a list and decide what best suits your needs and those of your family!

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