Computer Keypad Lock – Ways To Temporarily Lock A Computer

When not using your computer, it is sensible to keep it locked and avoid unwanted persons from tampering with it. This is a good way to keep off intruders who you feel are a nuisance especially with your private gadget. This article will discuss five main ways in which you can keep your computer and its hardware safe and secure once you are through using it. Computer keypad lock has been in the lips of many people for a long time and it is the high time you tried it out and see how it works. From the many reviews done on the same, it is a guarantee that very many good things are in the offing for you.

Mouse lock is one of the open source utilities that has been used world over to make your computer out of use. It is available for free and once used makes the desktop dim as well as lock the mouse cursor right at the middle of the screen. The computer will always ask for a password in case you try using the locked mouse. That way, you will have locked out all intruders since the password is your private property. There are many ways of navigating through such situations using a keyboard but it will prove futile in this instance. There is no shortcut to unraveling a locked mouse other than going through the right procedure.

Kid-key-lock is another way to keep your computer out of touch by children. This one is mostly used by people with a family because it focuses on certain functions of the keyboard as well as the mouse. Kids are very playful and can play around with your computer causing damages without your knowledge. Opting for kid-key-lock is a very effective option for you to take care of that very well.

You can even have the guts to leave the computer freely in the house without minding the presence of kids. Quark is one of the security tools that protect the computer by locking its screen away from strangers’ access. Unless a password has been put, nobody will enjoy using the system.

If you have a USB drive then consider going for predator as a secure way of protecting your computer. It is another of the many free utilities that you will have to consider because it is well suited to protect the computer in the best way possible. It requires installation before functioning well and that will be done only once when being used for the first time with your computer. The computer will only be unlocked by plugging in the drive but don’t share the secret with too many people. The last way to accomplish computer keypad lock is BtProx which is free and utilizes the Bluetooth platform in securing a computer system.

Once BtProx has detected the Bluetooth device, the computer will be locked automatically provided you are through using it and have walked away. It is more automatic and one of the most effective computer security tools.

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