Best Door Locks In The Market Today

Every day that you leave your home, the last thing that you think about is if you have shut the place so that it is secure. You make sure all the access points such as windows and doors are securely locked so that no one breaks in when you are not there or even while you are at home. You don’t want to worry that all the things you have acquired over the years with such great effort as well as your family’s safety are at risk because of a cheap door lock that can be easily opened by any unscrupulous character.

When building a new home or even when you are upgrading your existing home or apartment you have to take into account buying the best door locks available. Once you have made the decision to change or buy new door locks it is time to do some research to know what is out there on the market that will best suit your needs.

This obviously can be done on-line or you can waste a great deal of time driving all over town going to different hardware stores and outlets so that you can finally come to a decision. Of course going on line and surfing the web is much easier, inexpensive and less time consuming.

There are many brands available some which are very well known and others which are from fabricators that have recently entered the market. As a former builder with many years in the remodel and new housing industry I can recommend 3 or 4 brands.

The best and most expensive brand on the market is Baldwin which offers finishes ranging from polished brass and chrome to satin finishes or antique finishes depending on the decoration you choose for your home. As I mentioned before these are the most expensive door locks but in my opinion they are also the best and most commonly used in high end homes which require a traditionally beautiful door lock that can be used either in residential or commercial applications.

There are two other brands that are quite well known which are not as high end or expensive and they are Kwikset and Schlage. What I found surprising about both these brands is that they now offer door locks with electronic keypads where the user has to know the code to open the door which in turn offers added security. Both these fabricators also offer a varied array of finishes and designs, and obviously they have many different prices depending on your needs. Exterior door locks which include a safety feature known as dead bolts cost more than interior door locks which are less sophisticated.

As you will see when you view these pages there are many choices available to you today. Think about what you need and what your bank account can handle and choose that which best suits your security needs because you will always want to safeguard your family and your belongings.

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